The first multi-chain launchpad in the blockchain space, Nexuspad was founded by some of the most prominent individuals in the industry. It's focused on delivering value to its users and not on pricin
The launchpad also implements forecast mechanics which allows the engagement and participation of the broader, less economically fortunate, community. Nexuspad introduces the NEXUS token which serves as the essence of launchpad which will be required to protect against malicious attacks, governance, and participation in project allocations.

What is Nexus Pad

NEXUS Launchpad gives NEXUS stakers allocations in top-tier projects demonstrating strong fundamentals and a clear path to revenue. Stakers receive royalties from shared revenue.
It is highly recommended to read the entire Whitepaper to learn more details about how it works.


Launchpad (NEXUS) gives NEXUS token stakers guaranteed allocation in top-tier blockchain presale releases, with access to exclusive projects meeting exceptional standards.
Only NEXUS stakers can participate in projects that launch from Launchpad.
The criteria used to select projects for Launchpad includes cutting-edge tech innovation and/or competitive market positioning, and strong fundamentals with a clear path to revenue.

Get Nexus

Please see the information regarding NEXUS fairlaunch token to learn how to obtain NEXUS token.
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